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Bitseed v2: New Look, Altcoin Support, and More!

Yesterday we announced that we are accepting pre-orders for Bitseed v2, the next generation of our personal server product. This pre-order campaign will last until 12:00am June 9 2015, with proceeds being used to crowdfund further improvements to Bitseed. Based on our development and manufacturing schedule, orders will ship within[…]

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Bitseed Assembly Community Contributor Guide

As we explained in our blog post announcing the Bitseed Assembly community, Assembly is a collaboration platform for open source projects which tracks contributions using colored coins and proportionally rewards coin holders with revenues earned from products they have contributed to. This model gives us a unique opportunity to open our company[…]

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Join the Bitseed Assembly Community!

This past Sunday, at the San Francisco Bitcoin Devs meetup, we created an Assembly community for our open source projects. Assembly is a collaboration platform for open source projects which tracks contributions using colored coins on the bitcoin blockchain and proportionally rewards contributors whenever their projects earn revenue. In our[…]

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Bitseed Bitcoin Edition – Quickstart Guide

Using Bitseed v2 Bitcoin Edition This device is delivered with bitcoind installed and the blockchain synchronized up to the date of shipment. Information and updates can be found at Basic Use Connect the device to your router using the provided Cat5 Ethernet cable. Plug in the power adapter and[…]

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Bitseed Labs

Bitseed Labs is where we publish instructions for installing and running experimental software for the Bitseed personal server. These include applications and protocols that give Bitseed new functionality. We’ll be posting these instructions here on our blog, with the label “Bitseed Labs” so that they’re easy to find, and will[…]

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Bitseed Bitcoin Edition Batch One is Sold Out!

On Tuesday, our Bitseed Bitcoin Edition went semi-viral on Twitter, CoinDesk, and the Bitcoin Subreddit: This was a pleasant surprise, and led to one of the best problems a business can have: We’re sold out! That’s right, we are sold out of all inventory that we had on hand. We’re[…]

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CoinDesk: “First Plug-in Node Aims to Boost Bitcoin’s Network Security”

“Bitseed has launched the first plug-in bitcoin node to encourage users to contribute to the bitcoin network, hassle-free. The $149 node, which comes preconfigured with the official Bitcoin Core client, is credited with using less than 10 watts of power – approximately 12 times less than the average computer. As an essential component[…]

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