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Join the Bitseed Assembly Community!

This past Sunday, at the San Francisco Bitcoin Devs meetup, we created an Assembly community for our open source projects. Assembly is a collaboration platform for open source projects which tracks contributions using colored coins on the bitcoin blockchain and proportionally rewards contributors whenever their projects earn revenue. In our case, we’re going to start by allocating $1 per unit to reward bounty winners on our open source Assembly projects, with the first monthly distribution starting on May 1, 2015. The launch of our Assembly community is our first step of many to openly engage with the open source community and rally people around the Bitseed platform for personal cloud hardware and software design and development.

Our first app project is focused on bitcoin. We already have our custom scripts on GitHub, and have an early version of a user interface which lets people check on the status of their bitcoin node. Now, we want to enlist developers and designers to help us create a graphical user interface that will make it easier than ever for people to manage their bitcoin full node. At the same time, we’re accepting input on not only ways that we can continue to improve the security of the device, but also ways that we can give Bitseed owners even more utility by making it easy to connect a bitcoin light-client to their node, eliminating the need to trust a third-party server.

If you have any ideas about how Bitseed could be improved, head on over to our project page on Assembly and introduce yourself, then jump in and contribute to an open bounty or feel free to propose a bounty if one for your idea doesn’t already exist. If you have any questions, you can reach us through the contact page here on our website.

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