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Which implementation of Bitcoin does Bitseed use?

Bitseed Core uses the Bitcoin Core implementation maintained by the Bitcoin Core development team.

Does Bitseed use open source software?

Yes. The Bitcoin software is compiled from Bitcoin Core source code on Github. The resulting binary files for bitcoind and bitcoin-cli are installed on the device.

Scripts and GUI developed by the Bitseed team are on the Bitseed Github repository.

Why does the Bitseed device keep a full backup of the blockchain?

Bitcoin Core downloads the blockchain from other nodes, verifies that each block is valid, and builds a local index database on the disk drive inside the device. The blockchain files and database are monitored very closely by Bitcoin Core and it is very susceptible to being rejected because of any small incongruity or corruption. A sudden power outage or minor disk error can cause this.

If bitcoin Core rejects the blockchain database, it can rebuild and re-index from scratch, but this will take 2-3 weeks time to complete. The long time is because each block needs to be validated and indexed by the CPU.

Bitseed makes a backup of the blockchain files each week.  If a corruption is encountered, the device will switch to the backup copy.  This transfer takes about 3 hours to complete, and the device will be no more than 1 week behind the current block height.

Does Bitseed support Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, or Bitcoin-XT?

No. At the present time we only have resources to support the dominant consensus version of Bitcoin. However, the device and the pre-installed blockchain can run these alternate implementations if the binaries are compiled for the armhf ARM platform. Bitseed cannot provide technical support for this modification.

Can I build Bitcoin Core from source myself?

Yes. You can download the Bitcoin source code from Github and follow the instructions for Unix/Linux Ubuntu. All standard dependencies should already be installed on Bitseed. The resulting binaries for bitcoind and bitcoin-cli should be place in the home directory /home/linaro.

Can Bitseed be plugged into a video display monitor? Can it run bitcoin-qt?

Bitseed is intended for use as a “headless” device that runs automatically with a display. A simple web GUI is provided to allow the device to be monitored from an local PC or tablet.

The Bitseed device has an HDMI output that can support some (but not all) HDMI displays, and will present an Ubuntu GUI interface. A USB mouse and keyboard can also be used. Bitcoin-qt will run if properly compiled from source, and if bitcoind is disabled. However, we provide no support for this usage.

Does Bitseed provide security updates and patches for the Bitseed devices?

Yes. We will push critical security updates to all devices.

Incremental updates to Bitcoin Core are provided on the website along with an update script that can be used to installed the latest version. Starting with software version 2.1, Bitseed will automatically push the latest version of Bitcoin Core, Bitseed GUI, and other bug fixes and updates. This auto update can be disabled via a setting in the v2.1.0 GUI.