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Bitseed is closing shop

After over four years in business, Bitseed will be winding down operations by the end of 2019. We will continue selling the nodes we have left in our inventory and supporting Bitseed 3 customers over email or chat, then once we’re sold out we will be closing shop. This is[…]

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Announcing Bitseed 2.1 – A New Bitcoin Web UI

When we first announced pre-orders for Bitseed v2 (Core and Lite) in April 2015, we promised our customers a new app that would give them more control over their Bitcoin nodes. We delivered on our promise, releasing version 2.0 of the Bitseed web interface for Linux when we began shipping Bitseed v2 pre-orders in August 2015. Since releasing Bitseed 2.0, we have[…]

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The Bitseed Custom Shop is Open for Business!

Ever since we started selling Bitseed full nodes in early 2015, we have received requests from people who have wanted custom full nodes. Customers have asked to have their own designs, different software, or custom hardware added to their nodes. These have been one-off or small batch projects, but they’ve always been[…]

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