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Bitseed Weekly Broadcast, Issue #6

Welcome to Issue #6 of the Weekly Broadcast, a weekly newsletter published by the Bitseed team to share important news for Bitcoin full node operators. We’ll be covering the latest in Bitcoin development, full node news, community events, and experimental projects that node operators may find of interest. If you have any news tips or insights you’d like us to share in a future edition of the Weekly Broadcast, send us a message and we’ll credit you if your submission is published. Here’s the latest:

New open-source Tor scripts for Bitcoin released

Last week, Bitseed released open-source scripts that automate downloading, installing, and running the Tor software and configuring bitcoind to run over Tor. On the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network, it is trivial for nodes to learn the IP addresses of other nodes they are connected to. Tor is free software that is used to anonymize the user’s IP address when using the Tor Browser Bundle or other Tor-enabled applications. As mentioned in the Weekly Broadcast Issue #3, support for ephemeral Tor hidden services was recently merged into Bitcoin Core. The new scripts released by Bitseed will make it easy to run a Bitcoin node over Tor, protecting user privacy and supporting the Bitcoin network.


Bitcoin node project featured on the Keiser Report

Chris Ellis of the World Crypto Network recently launched a hand-made Bitcoin full node art project to help raise funds for the ProTip browser extension. He was invited onto the popular RT show “The Keiser Report” to discuss ProTip, the fundraiser, and the importance of Bitcoin full nodes.

ProTip is a browser extension that will automatically find bitcoin addresses on pages you view, record how long you stay on the page, and then at the end of the week send payments based on the time spent on each page to all of the bitcoin addresses the app has detected. The only thing content creators have to do for their content to be ProTip-compatible is add a bitcoin address to the page where people consume their content.


Weekly Bitcoin development IRC meetings

Bitcoin developers have an open weekly meeting on IRC to discuss code-related developments. Everyone contributing code to an implementation of Bitcoin is welcome and encouraged to attend. Reddit user G1lius has been doing a great job keeping the community informed about these discussions by writing up a weekly summary from a layman’s perspective.

Of interest to node operators in the last meeting:

  • CLTV will be enforced soon. Reminder for node operators to update their clients to Bitcoin Core v0.11.2/v0.10.4 to support this new opcode. Instructions for doing this can be found here.
  • Additional protection for Bitcoin Tor nodes may be coming to Bitcoin Core via PR #7082.

You can see G1lius’ complete notes from last week’s Bitcoin dev IRC meeting here:

G1lius will be on vacation for a few weeks in February, so will need others to document the meetings during this time. If you would like to help, please reach out by direct messaging G1lius on Reddit.

The full schedule of IRC meetings can be found here:


Scaling Bitcoin Phase II

On December 6 – 7, Scaling Bitcoin Phase II was held in Hong Kong. This continued the Scaling Bitcoin workshop series and brought together miners, developers, entrepreneurs, academics, and enthusiasts to discuss the issues and solutions around scaling the Bitcoin network. Notable discussions included a panel featuring representatives from seven of the largest miners and mining pools, a presentation by core developer Pieter Wuille about a new concept called “segregated witness,” and a presentation by Jeff Garzik about various proposals for raising the block size limit. A video playlist and transcripts from each of the presentations is linked below.


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