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Bitseed Broadcast – Issue #21

Welcome to Issue #21 of the Bitseed Broadcast, a newsletter published by the Bitseed team to share important news for Bitcoin full node operators. We cover the latest in Bitcoin development, full node news, community events, and experimental projects that node operators may find of interest.

Here’s the latest:

Important Bitcoin Core Update

In September, the Bitcoin Core developers disclosed a vulnerability in certain versions of Bitcoin Core that would enable an attacker to launch Denial of Service (DoS) and inflation attacks against vulnerable bitcoin nodes. The vulnerability has been patched and all users running versions of Bitcoin Core 0.15.X, 0.16.0, 0.16.1, and 0.16.2 are being recommended to update to the latest version of Bitcoin Core.

Check out our blog post linked below to find complete instructions for updating.


New Bitseed Web UI in early development and testing phase

Bitseed community member Marco Rodriguez Vélez recently announced the first public development and testing release of his “mybitcoinnode” Bitseed Web UI. His goal is for mybitcoinnode to have all the same features as the current Bitseed Web UI, as well as additional features such as a block explorer, an Electrum Personal Server, and a Lightning node.

If you are an adventurous Linux-savvy user or a developer who wants to help test and contribute to building the new Bitseed Web UI, you can find the code in the GitHub repo linked below.


Bitseed co-founder John Light at London Bitcoin Devs meetup

This past summer, the London Bitcoin Devs meetup virtually hosted Bitseed co-founder John Light for a presentation and Q&A session about bitcoin full nodes. Thanks to the meetup for hosting and having Bitseed as a guest presenter! You can find a full video from the meetup below.


Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday NYC

On October 27-28, open-source Lightning Network R&D company Fulmo is hosting the fourth edition of Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday so developers and other Lightning enthusiasts can learn more about the technology and hack on Lightning apps (lapps) together.

If you’re in the area and interested in gaining both deep technical knowledge and hands on experience building with Lightning, you don’t want to miss this event!


Previous hackday video:

That’s it for today’s Bitseed Broadcast! If you have any news tips or insights you’d like us to share in a future edition, you can let us know by replying directly to this email. If your submission is accepted, we’ll credit you in the Bitseed Broadcast it’s published in.

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