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Hot Restore of Bitseed OS Image


Occasionally, an error will cause Bitseed devices to become inoperable. This can happen after installing experimental software or incompatible updates. The following instructions will replace the Ubuntu OS running on Bitseed with a fresh image without having to open up the device and restore from an SD card. It might help resolve the “/dev/mmcblk0p1: not found” error when upgrading kernel components on some devices.

This has a risk of bricking the device, so only use it if you run into serious problems with the device.

The OS image is replaced while the OS is running, which is very non-standard procedure, and the boot sector will not be updated. The device will need a hard restart after the script completes. This process cannot be reversed. The Bitcoin blockchain, binaries and scripts will not be affected.

Connect to the device via SSH terminal, then enter the following commands:

chmod 755
sudo ./

The script will run for about 12 minutes. It will output some error messages, but this is expected. Do not stop the script before it completes. The image will be copied into nand, replacing the current OS.

Once the script completes, you will need to manually power cycle the device (unplug it from power and then plug it back in).

When the device has powered up, it will have a new IP address, so you need to use Angry IP Scanner or another similar tool to find the new IP address of your Bitseed.

SSH into the device, and enter these commands to configure the device:

git clone
cd bitcoin-box/setup
sudo ./

When the script asks for the serial number, enter the serial number printed on the bottom of the unit.

When completed, enter:

sudo reboot

The device will again have a new IP address that you can find with Angry IP Scanner or another similar tool, but your Bitseed should now be fully up to date and running normally.