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PRESS RELEASE: Bitseed Announces Assembly Community to Fund Open Source Development


28 April 2015 (San Francisco, CA) Bitseed, makers of the Bitseed personal server, have announced that they have started a community on the Assembly platform to help fund open source product development. Assembly is a collaboration platform for open source projects which tracks contributions using colored coins on the bitcoin blockchain and proportionally pays out contributors whenever their projects earn revenue. Bitseed will be using Assembly to track the contributions of designers, developers, and engineers who help to improve both the software and hardware products that Bitseed offers to its customers.

“How Bitseed is thinking about involving the community is really exciting. It’s great to watch people coming together over the Internet and accomplishing more than an individual or small team,” says Matthew Dieters, CEO of Assembly.

Developing a sustainable funding model for free software development has been a challenge, and so funding usually falls back to advertising or grants. Bitseed is trying to change that by committing a portion of their profits to the community that contributes to their open source Assembly projects.

“There is so much great free software out there that someone could run on their own server with relative ease, but those projects are vastly underfunded and under-supported,” says John Light, one of the co-founders of Bitseed. “We want to use Assembly to help make contributing to open source software and hardware projects more sustainable, and give back to the community that helps us improve our products.”

Bitseed CEO Jay Feldis agreed, saying, “There is a huge community of developers working on bitcoin, blockchain technologies, and other open-source decentralized applications that could run on the Bitseed platform. By establishing an Assembly community, we hope to encourage the development of personal server applications and services, and at the same time allow developers to benefit from their work through royalties from product sales.”

The first product being offered by Bitseed is the Bitseed Bitcoin Edition, a low-cost, low-power personal server that makes is easy for owners to run a bitcoin full node and support the health of the bitcoin network. The device is currently managed through a command line interface, with a simple web-based user interface for monitoring the status of the node. Bitseed wants to attract designers and developers to their Assembly community to improve these features and make it easier for non-technical Bitseed owners to manage their bitcoin full node.

“We’d like to have a nice web UI for monitoring and controlling bitcoind and the device, and a tool for helping users to discover their Bitseed on their network so they can easily access it from any of their connected devices,” Mr. Feldis says.

After improving their bitcoin product, Bitseed plans to offer additional applications through an app store that makes it easy for customers to install and manage other apps. These could be apps developed by the Assembly community or free software that is already available online. Mr. Feldis stated that Bitseed’s goal with all of their products is to help re-decentralize the Internet and give customers more control of their data.

“We also welcome developers of other cool decentralized application we have not thought of to join our community and get their app running on Bitseed!”



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