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Install V1 Admin Panel to Bitseed V1

Upgrading Bitseed devices S/N 30 and earlier. How to install the original admin panel on to early devices

Access the device via terminal.  For Windows use Putty, for Linux use SSH.  You will need to find the local ip address of the device by logging into your router and checking the network map.  Device host name is btc.

username: linaro

password is on label on botton of the device.

stop bitcoin via


edit bitcoin.conf to allow admin panel to access

nano ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

and change the rpcpassword to “bitseed”

ctl X to save

Get latest code from github

rm -rf bitcoin-box

sudo ./

cp /home/linaro/bitcoin-box/.hdd/*.sh /home/linaro

sudo chown -R linaro:linaro /home/linaro

chmod 755 /home/linaro/*.sh

cd bitcoin-box/setup

chmod 755 ./

Install admin panel

sudo ./

Find internal ip address of the device

ifconfig eth0

see ip address displayed {}

From a PC inside the same network, browse to

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