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Installing the 21 Bitcoin Client on Bitseed

This tutorial is published as part of our Bitseed Labs series. The instructions are likely to change or break over time as the underlying software packages and dependencies are updated. Users who wish to continue supporting this software for Bitseed are encouraged to send us updates to these instructions so that they will continue to work for other Bitseed users. You can send a pull request or create an issue in the Bitseed repository to start a public conversation, or send us a message through our website to contact us privately.

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This past Friday, 21 freed the source code for the 21 CLI, a command line interface for Bitcoin written in Python. You can read 21’s announcement here to learn more about what the 21 CLI can do, and you can find the source code for the 21 CLI here.


The 21 Command Line Interface (CLI) is a collection of tools that enable you to quickly mine fractions of bitcoin and use them to buy and sell digital goods. It is also the gateway to developing and serving all of your bitcoin-payable applications. (source)


  1. SSH into Bitseed and run the following command in the terminal:

    curl | sh
  2. Go to and follow the instructions to create a 21 account. If you do not already have a 21 Bitcoin Computer, make sure the “New User” tab is selected on the second screen.
  3. Read through and to learn how to use the 21 CLI to buy and sell digital goods and services for bitcoin.

Learn more about 21 and the 21 community at