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The Bitseed Custom Shop is Open for Business!

Ever since we started selling Bitseed full nodes in early 2015, we have received requests from people who have wanted custom full nodes. Customers have asked to have their own designs, different software, or custom hardware added to their nodes. These have been one-off or small batch projects, but they’ve always been fun and we’ve always enjoyed seeing how people customize and make use of their own full node.

Today we are excited to announce that we are formalizing our custom order process and opening up the Bitseed Custom Shop to the public! We will now be accepting orders for custom nodes from Bitcoin enthusiasts, businesses, nonprofits, open source projects, and anyone else who wants their own unique Bitseed.

Here are the steps required to place a custom Bitseed order:

Step 1. Complete the custom order form to begin the process of placing your custom order. The minimum order quantity is ten units, with a one-time setup fee of $200 for the first color plus $100 for each additional color per design. For example, an order for ten custom Bitseed Core 1TB nodes with a three-color design would be $1999.90 for the nodes + $400 for the one-time three-color setup fee = $2399.90. Additional orders of ten nodes of the same model and design would only cost $1999.90 since the setup fee is only charged once per design.

Step 2. We will review the design provided to make sure it is suitable for printing, and suggest changes if any are needed to complete the design. After agreeing on a final design, we will send you an invoice for the complete order, along with estimated shipping and handling costs and manufacturing and delivery timelines based on the contents of the order and the location of the delivery.

Step 3. After receiving payment for the custom order invoice, the order will begin to be processed. Once the custom faceplates have been screen printed and the units are fully assembled, the completed order will be sent to the shipping address provided when the order was placed. What you do next with your custom Bitseed nodes is up to you!

“What can I do with a custom Bitseed node?”

Here are a few ideas for how custom Bitseed nodes can be used:

  • Give them away to customers, donors, or investors as a gift to thank them for their support
  • Raffle them off to raise funds for a cause you care about
  • Use them as a prize in a promotional marketing campaign – “Share this post for a chance to win a custom Bitseed node!”
  • Resell them to help fund your open source project

…and many more creative uses we haven’t thought of yet!

If you have any questions or ideas about how our custom Bitseed nodes can be used, you can contact us through our website, and if you have a design in mind that you want us to make, you can place an order today to start the process.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the cool designs that people come up with for their custom Bitseed nodes!