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Upgrade to Bitcoin core v0.11.1

The bitcoin core team has release an update to address a upnp vulnerability. The new Bitseed binary files are here The following are instructions for upgrading Bitseed to Bitcoin Core 0.11.1 The instructions add an upgrade script to the device. It will delete your old binaries and replace them with[…]

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Transaction Flooding

Over the past several months, there have been periodic “tests”  (some would say attacks) on the bitcoin network where someone has been intentionally sending huge numbers of very small, low fee transactions.  This flood of transactions exceeds the current 1 MB per block limit for miners.  Over the last week[…]

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Bitcoin XT 0.11B

Bitcoin-XT version 0.11B is now available.  Release notes are here We have built armhf binaries for Bitseed which can be downloaded here For upgrade instructions, scroll to the bottom of this page. One of the most interesting features of the 11B update is the ability to control the size of[…]

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Bitcoin-XT v0.11a

Bitcoin-XT is a fork of bitcoin core created by Mike Hearn and some other leading bitcoin developers.  As of version 0.11a, XT allows larger block sizes than bitcoin core v0.11.  Details are available on to the Github page and We have tested bitcoin-xt on Bitseed V2 and it appears to be stable.  […]

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Upgrade Bitseed v1 to Bitcoin Core 0.11.0

The following are instructions for upgrading Bitseed v1 to Bitcoin Core 0.11.0 (or current latest verified version). Information about changes and features in Bitcoin Core 0.11.0 are summarized here. Pruning is supported, but not enabled by default. The instructions add an upgrade script to the device. It will delete your[…]

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Install V1 Admin Panel to Bitseed V1

Upgrading Bitseed devices S/N 30 and earlier. How to install the original admin panel on to early devices Access the device via terminal.  For Windows use Putty, for Linux use SSH.  You will need to find the local ip address of the device by logging into your router and checking the[…]

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Bitseed Bitcoin Edition – Quickstart Guide

Using Bitseed v2 Bitcoin Edition This device is delivered with bitcoind installed and the blockchain synchronized up to the date of shipment. Information and updates can be found at Basic Use Connect the device to your router using the provided Cat5 Ethernet cable. Plug in the power adapter and[…]

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