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Bitseed Weekly Broadcast, Issue #8

Happy New Year and welcome to Issue #8 of the Weekly Broadcast, a weekly newsletter published by the Bitseed team to share important news for Bitcoin full node operators. We cover the latest in Bitcoin development, full node news, community events, and experimental projects that node operators may find of interest. If you have any news tips or insights you’d like us to share in a future edition of the Weekly Broadcast, send us a message and we’ll credit you if your submission is published. Here’s the latest:

Coin Dance node network statistics

Ever wondered how many nodes there are in the Bitcoin network, what kind of software they run, and what other kinds of Bitcoin nodes there are out there? The website Coin.Dance has some cool looking charts and stats that have a live updated count of the different nodes that are out there in the Bitcoin network. Don’t see your favorite Bitcoin implementation on the list? You can add it yourself right on the website! Check it out at

Stanford Bitcoin Engineering Course

Balaji Srinivasan, co-founder of 21, is teaching a course at Stanford with Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, called “Bitcoin Engineering.” Students will learn how to build Bitcoin-enabled versions of popular applications such as Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and more. If you’d like to attend a free online version of the course, you can add yourself to the interest list here.


Weekly Bitcoin development IRC meetings

Bitcoin developers have an open weekly meeting on IRC to discuss code-related developments. Everyone contributing code to an implementation of Bitcoin is welcome and encouraged to attend. Reddit user G1lius has been doing a great job keeping the community informed about these discussions by writing up a weekly summary from a layman’s perspective.

Of interest to node operators in the last meeting:

  • Just a few more issues to close before Bitcoin Core 0.12 is released, which is scheduled for some time in February.
  • Anyone who has changes that they want included in 0.13 should send their proposal(s) to lead dev Wladimir J. van der Laan.

You can see G1lius’ complete notes from last week’s Bitcoin dev IRC meeting here:

The full schedule of IRC meetings can be found here:


Statement from Bitcoin Core

A statement from the Bitcoin Core team was recently published on outlining their stance on how the Bitcoin protocol will continue to evolve. They emphasize towards the end of the statement that,

“… users participate in Bitcoin by making their own choice of which Bitcoin software to run.”

This is an important point. Just as users can choose whether or not to upgrade their software in cases where controversial changes are introduced, users can also choose to use an alternate node implementation at any time. Although Bitseed currently ships with Bitcoin Core, a direct descendant of the original Bitcoin software released by Satoshi Nakamoto, users are free to install any software that’s compatible with Debian Linux.

You can read the full statement from Bitcoin Core as well as the ensuing discussion from the /r/bitcoin subreddit by following the links below.


What’s at stake in the Bitcoin block size debate

Bitseed co-founder John Light recently published a post on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin blog about what’s at stake in the Bitcoin block size debate. Why has this issue been so contentious in the Bitcoin community, and what can be done to resolve it going forward? Find out the answers to these questions and more here.

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