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Bitseed v2 Pre-Orders Shipping Now!

We are excited to announce that this past weekend, the first Bitseed v2 units were shipped to customers who placed pre-orders this past May and June. Here’s a picture of the very first Bitseed v2 shipment:


These first units should be arriving on customers’ doorsteps by the end of this week – just over two months after accepting our final pre-order on June 9th. What has happened in this time? We have:

  • Designed and manufactured a new case
  • Developed a new upgrade process
  • Designed and implemented a new and better user interface
  • Added support for the Bitcoin-XT client
  • Added experimental support for Namecoin and DNSChain (for decentralized DNS resolution)

Here’s a look at the latest version of Bitseed’s new user interface:


We look forward to hearing feedback from customers who try out these new features. As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, you can reach us here on our website or by creating an issue or pull request on GitHub. Once we have fulfilled all of the pre-orders, we will be putting Bitseed v2 back in stock on our store and begin shipping new orders immediately.

Big thanks to everyone who has purchased a Bitseed and is running one today. Your support helps us continue to improve our product and further our goal of giving everyone the ability to easily run a full node and help the Bitcoin network. This is only the beginning – we have big plans for Bitseed and look forward to sharing more with you soon. Stay tuned!

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