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Bitseed v2: New Look, Altcoin Support, and More!

Yesterday we announced that we are accepting pre-orders for Bitseed v2, the next generation of our personal server product. This pre-order campaign will last until 12:00am June 9 2015, with proceeds being used to crowdfund further improvements to Bitseed. Based on our development and manufacturing schedule, orders will ship within 60 days of the end of the campaign (though this could change due to circumstances outside our control – read the Terms and Conditions for the full details).

Here’s what’s new:

Already Completed

New case design – Bitseed v2 comes with a new fully enclosed case design, hiding the wires, circuits, and other computer components that make up the “brains and muscle” of Bitseed. This is yet another step forward on our journey towards a polished consumer product.

Hard drive upgrades – customers can now choose to upgrade their Bitseed hard drive to 250GB for just $20 extra, providing a 56% increase in space over the standard 160GB HDD. This should provide plenty of room for blockchain growth for years to come. Bonus: through the end of this coming weekend (May 10th), customers who pre-order Bitseed v2 will get a free upgrade to 250GB HDD!


Improved interface – Bitseed v2 will come with an improved GUI featuring tools for managing your bitcoin node. We want to make it easy for non-technical users to control how many nodes they’re connecting to, the size of their cache, connections to proxies, and other advanced options. If you want to help out with this, you can contribute to the open bounty in our Assembly community to earn some coin!

Bitseed Altcoin Edition – after receiving several requests from members of different altcoin communities, we’ve decided to offer support for altcoins. There are two ways that altcoin communities can help Bitseed support their coin:

  1. Organize a “group buy” and place a pre-order for 100 Bitseed v2 nodes at the discounted bulk rate of $119 per unit + s/h. When the group buy organizer checks out, they need to specify in the Order Notes which altcoin we should add support for. We will contact the organizer and have them send us a spreadsheet or other organized document with shipping and order info. After this 100 unit bulk order is paid for, we will then offer an Altcoin Edition with the newly supported coin, making it available for individual purchase at the retail price of $149.

  2. Have at least one developer from the altcoin community join our Assembly community and open a bounty to support your coin. If the bounty is approved, the developer can then work with us to add support for the coin. Once the integration is complete, the developer will earn the bounty and we will begin offering the new Altcoin Edition on our store at the retail price of $149.

We’re excited to offer these new features to our customers over the coming months, and look forward to working with designers and developers in our Assembly community to help make it happen! Join the community to earn Assembly coins, which directly translate into royalties from revenues on Bitseed sales. As a reminder, we have pledged $1 per Bitseed sold to members of the Bitseed Assembly community who have earned coins by completing bounties for our projects. With your help, we can make Bitseed the best full node product on the market!

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