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Bitseed Labs

Bitseed Labs is where we publish instructions for installing and running experimental software for the Bitseed personal server. These include applications and protocols that give Bitseed new functionality. We’ll be posting these instructions here on our blog, with the label “Bitseed Labs” so that they’re easy to find, and will also be posting them on GitHub so that people can easily send us updates or corrections via pull requests.

When we first start selling Bitseed, we imagined all kinds of different server-side applications running on the device, everything from Bitcoin nodes to cloud storage. We decided early on to focus on Bitcoin nodes as a use case to support the Bitcoin network, test the capabilities of different hardware, and find out what challenges exist for running a personal server on a home internet connection. We’ve learned quite a lot since we first began selling Bitseed to the public and are using these lessons to inform work on future iterations of Bitseed.

In addition to Bitcoin, we have been experimenting with other software that is useful to run on a personal server. These experiments include testing DNSChain, JoinMarket, Tor, ZeroNet, and other software of varying levels of maturity and complexity. Over time, we’ll be publishing the results of these tests for Bitseed users to experiment with themselves, with the explicit caveat and disclaimer that we are not able to provide any support for any software that is not included with our stock Bitseed nodes – users install and run this experimental software at their own risk and must bear the burden of solving any issues themselves or with other members of the free software community.

One significant challenge with our experiments is that a lot of this software is in the early stages of development, and updates can often break compatibility with our first set of instructions. Therefore, these instructions will likely break over time as the underlying software is updated by upstream development teams. Users who wish to continue supporting software for Bitseed are encouraged to send us updates to these instructions so that they will continue to work for other Bitseed users. You can send a pull request or create an issue in the Bitseed GitHub repository to start a public conversation, or send us a message through our website to contact us privately.