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Bitseed is closing shop

After over four years in business, Bitseed will be winding down operations by the end of 2019.

We will continue selling the nodes we have left in our inventory and supporting Bitseed 3 customers over email or chat, then once we’re sold out we will be closing shop.

This is bittersweet for us. We’ve had a great time serving our customers and the wider bitcoin community by making it easier to run a full node. Now the time has come for us to take a break.

We are proud of what we have accomplished during our time in business, including several industry firsts: the first plug and play bitcoin node on the market, the first hardware project to launch an Assembly community, the first plug and play bitcoin node hosted at the Internet Archive. And perhaps the most important part of our legacy are all of the Bitseed nodes that have helped support the bitcoin network over the years, including many that have been uploading blockchain data to peers over Tor by default.

There are also now more projects, commercial and nonprofit, that exist to make full nodes more accessible, including RaspiBlitz, Casa, Nodl, and others. We leave the bitcoin community in good hands and look forward to seeing the many more nodes that will join ours on the network.

While the shop will close once our remaining inventory is sold, our open source projects will live on and continue to be available at Forks and PRs welcome!

We will also continue to monitor our Bitseed email addresses through the end of the year to help customers, and the Bitseed chat community will remain online at, where node operators can help each other with any node-related issues.

And of course, Bitseed nodes will continue to work as long as there is room on the hard drive to accommodate blockchain growth and the APIs the Bitseed Web UI uses to connect to bitcoind remain usable.

To all of our fans, including our amazing customers, thank you for your support. You are the reason we’ve kept going all these years and why it’s so difficult to step back from the project. But it’s time for us to take some time off then move on to the next adventure.

Vires in Numeris,

The Bitseed Team

P.S. You may have heard that we are collaborating with Samourai Wallet to produce their Dojo hardware nodes. That was the plan before, but with Bitseed closing down that will no longer be happening. We have coordinated this change with the Samourai team and they are now partnered with Nodl to bring the Dojo hardware nodes to life. And there are already community guides online for those who want to install Dojo on their own hardware, which should work with Bitseed 3 without much extra effort. We wish the Samourai team all the best and look forward to seeing the fruits of their work to improve bitcoin privacy and usability.