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Bitseed Bitcoin Edition Batch One is Sold Out!

On Tuesday, our Bitseed Bitcoin Edition went semi-viral on Twitter, CoinDesk, and the Bitcoin Subreddit:


This was a pleasant surprise, and led to one of the best problems a business can have:

We’re sold out!

That’s right, we are sold out of all inventory that we had on hand. We’re leaving orders open, but people who order from our store within the next couple of weeks should be aware that these orders are effectively preorders for units which will be shipped as soon as they are built. But not to worry – they will be built, and they will be shipped!

What’s next?

Batch one orders of the Bitseed Bitcoin Edition will be shipped early next week, and orders for parts have already been placed to fill outstanding orders. All outstanding orders will be shipped within two weeks. As mentioned in the Reddit thread and elsewhere, we’re┬ásuper excited to be planning a crowdfunding campaign which will help further democractize full-node blockchain technology and strengthen the health of the Bitcoin network. Enter your email address in the sign up form at the bottom of this page to stay tuned for more announcements.

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