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Bitcoin-XT v0.11a

Bitcoin-XT is a fork of bitcoin core created by Mike Hearn and some other leading bitcoin developers.  As of version 0.11a, XT allows larger block sizes than bitcoin core v0.11.  Details are available on to the Github page and

We have tested bitcoin-xt on Bitseed V2 and it appears to be stable.   For those who wish to experiment with bitcoin-xt, we have provided binaries for Bitseed below.  They should work on both Bitseed V1 and V2

Install bitcoin-xt 0.11a

Shutdown bitcoind and get the new binaries



remove or move the following files from the /home/linaro

rm bitcoind

rm bitcoin-cli

unzip the downloaded file and place the 2 files in /home/linaro


cp /home/linaro/bitcoin-xt-0.11a/bitcoin*  /home/linaro

restart bitcoind


Bitcoind should run as normal, except the protocol version will be 70010 and the reported name will be /Bitcoin XT:0.11.0/

To verify use commands:


./bitcoin-cli getnetworkinfo

or access V2 UI

Building you own XT from Source

Bitcoin XT can be built on the Bitseed device from source code available on github.  Instructions are here

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