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Bitcoin XT 0.11B

Bitcoin-XT version 0.11B is now available.  Release notes are here

We have built armhf binaries for Bitseed which can be downloaded here

For upgrade instructions, scroll to the bottom of this page.

One of the most interesting features of the 11B update is the ability to control the size of the mempool maintained by the node.  In light of recent and ongoing TX flooding “tests”, this may be a useful way to help keep you node from being overwhelmed with spam transactions.

Mike Hearn explains this feature in-depth here

Bitseed seems to start to bog-down when the mempool gets near 200MB and 20,000 transactions.  (this is about 100 times normal), so we recommend using the new feature to cap transactions to about 10,000.

add the following in ~.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf


The other control that is available to manage tx flooding is to increase the minimum relay fee your node will accept.   Default is 0.00001 BTC, but 0.0001 is a more typical value that might help filter our the spam transactions.



Install bitcoin-xt 0.11b

The following script will do the job for you.

cd ~


chmod 755


Bitcoin-XT will restart and be up and running within an hour or less.


Manual steps

Shutdown bitcoind and get the new binaries



remove or move the following files from the /home/linaro

rm bitcoind

rm bitcoin-cli

unzip the downloaded file and place bitcoind and bitcoin-cli files in /home/linaro


cp XT11B-binaries/bitcoind /home/linaro
cp XT11B-binaries/bitcoin-cli /home/linaro

restart bitcoind



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