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Upgrade to Bitcoin Core 0.12.0

The official release of Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 is now available. You can find the new Bitseed binary files for this release here.

The following are instructions for upgrading Bitseed to Bitcoin Core 0.12.0.

These instructions add an upgrade script to the device. It will delete your old binaries and replace them with the latest binary files built by Bitseed. The script will stop bitcoind and then restart it when done. All blockchain data and settings will remain unchanged.

Note: v0.12 requires a new dependency which must be installed – libevent-dev.

Use your terminal to ssh into the device (Windows can use PuTTY)

ssh linaro@yourbitseedipaddresshere

password:  (printed on bottom of device and/or included with your device documentation)

sudo apt-get install libevent-dev


wget -4
chmod 755

Bitcoin will then restart. Allow 30 minutes for it to verify the blockchain and start up, then enjoy your new Bitcoin node software.

Downgrade Warning

Because release 0.12.0 and later will obfuscate the chainstate on every fresh sync or reindex, the chainstate is not backwards-compatible with pre-0.12 versions of Bitcoin Core or other software.