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Bitcoin Blockchain Full Node

The success of Bitcoin as a digital currency has demonstrated the viability of blockchain technology as an important tool for emergent decentralized applications. Bitseed offers hardware products that enable the growth and development of blockchain networks.

Full Nodes

Bitcoin and other public blockchain systems rely on two types of participants to make the network secure: miners and full nodes. Miners use specialized equipment to cryptographically add transactions to the blockchain, while each full node maintains and validates a complete copy of the entire blockchain. Thousands of independent full nodes form a consensus to determine which blockchain the network considers the “official” blockchain at any point in time. A large number of widely distributed and independently operated full nodes are essential to keep the network secure from fraud and disruption.

The Need for Blockchain Servers

Initial versions of most blockchain systems have relied upon end users to install and continuously run software that hosts the blockchain. However, as transactions take place over time, the size of the blockchain grows dramatically, eventually becoming inconvenient or impossible to be hosted by each and every user’s personal computer. Bitseed is an easy to use, low-cost, low-power device that provides a dedicated computer for hosting and distributing the blockchain.