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Bitseed 3

Bitseed 3 comes pre-configured as a bitcoin full node. It keeps Bitcoin Core running 24/7 without slowing your PC or notebook.


  • User-friendly web interface
  • Automatically runs the Bitcoin Core full node client
  • Easy setup – just plug it into your router and turn it on
  • Low power – uses less than 10 watts
  • Perfect for bitcoin developers and hobbyists
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Who We Are

We are engineers who believe in a free and decentralized internet. Peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies are going to change the world in many ways, providing increased security, flexibility and resilience to a wide range of current and future applications.

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What We Do

We are developing hardware devices that make it easy to host decentralized applications and take control of your data security and privacy. Bitseed personal servers are low-cost, low power and easy to set up, allowing more people to participate in the P2P revolution.

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Why Choose Us

Our goal is to provide simple low-cost platforms for emerging open source applications and services. We support a free and open internet.

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Grow the Bitcoin network with a Bitseed full node!

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